SMEs, 9 ways we can be your Logistic partners!

SMEs, 9 ways we can be your Logistic partners!

1) Contract deliveries

Give us your delivery schedule, and let us do the rest!

We have day and night delivery teams (specialising in Mall/Shopping centre deliveries).

Our reliable delivery teams will not only deliver, but will also suggest how to improve your supply chain process, to enhance and speed up, the delivery process to your clients.

2) Bulky/Heavy item deliveries

Our tailgate lorry will make delivering these items a breeze!

We have done safes (for banks), sail dinghies, large flower pots, exhibition push carts, freezers, vending machines, robots, large crates, fish tanks, jacuzzis, pianos, building models (for Condo launches) and a host of other such items.

3) Ad-hoc manpower supply

Need manual labour or skilled movers for short term projects, even on an hourly basis?

We can provide you with logistics support to do internal housekeeping, moving of items within office/warehouse, event set up and teardowns, or even to support your deliveries. Hiring our experienced workers, who already specialize in packing and moving, will enhance your productivity and efficiency in delivering results.

4) Container stuffing/unstuffing

We can do at either your premises or ours.

5) Supply of Carton boxes and moving materials

Doorstep delivery of packing/moving materials.

6) Warehousing and Storage of goods for delivery

Goods arriving for local distribution? Send your inbound containers to us. We will unstuff, store and deliver to your clients here, with real-time updates that you can access on the move!

7) International Shipping of your goods and products

Let us arrange doorstep collection/delivery of your items, be in nearby JB or anywhere else, Worldwide.

8) Hourly rental of lorry

Affordable hourly rates for rental of various lorry sizes, with driver. Add manpower for just a small fee, if needed.

9) Storage of company documents (IRAS/Invoices/Legal Documents/Medical Records etc)

We help remove clutter from small shops/offices, by packing and storing away important documents, for the long term.\



Whatever your delivery, warehousing or material needs, speak to us, even if yours is a small start-up project!

We listen to what you need, and we will offer our constructive input.

Once deliveries have begun, we will consult you every step of the way, until the process of receiving and delivering your goods, is smooth, affordable and reliable.

Choose the www.MrMover.sg and www.MrStorage.sg team as your Logistics partner today.

Call us for a no-obligation discussion on how we can be of help.

The www.MrMover.sg and www.MrStorage.sg team.

We really listen.

T: 1800MrMover
F: 63342524
E: quote@MrMover.sg
M: 94593979 (Call/SMS/Whatsapp)

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