Storage Space – Why Choose us?

Our Storage facility is at

A’Posh Bizhub,

1, Yishun Industrial Street 1

Singapore (768160)

We have added 3 Warehouses at Mandai Connection too.

Call us for a no obligation quote now!

9459 3979


The most convenient Storage ever, have everything packed and sent to our Storage Facility, with just a phone call. No hassles!

We can arrange very short term storage of just a few days (ideal for Property Agents who need to help their clients move and store while awaiting keys), to long term storage for your IRAS records (ideal for Companies who do not want clutter at their offices).

How does it work?
* Call us for a free viewing. Our Surveyor will photograph and measure your items to work out the space that you will need in our Storage facility.
* Let us know what you need from us. Carton boxes? Packing services?
* Our staff will then quote you for moving and storage.
* We will arrange transport for all your items, including dismantling and protective wrapping of items.
All this can be done within a day, with just a phone call.

How do I get my things sent back to me?
* Just call us a fix a date to receive your items! It is as simple as that. We will re-deliver to your doorstep, and help reassemble the furniture that was dismantled.

May I request that just SOME items be sent back to me?
* Yes! Just indicate which items you would like brought to your new location, and it is done. For example, you may call and ask for the fridge and boxes numbered 3 to 11 to be delivered to your office. We will retrieve those from our Storage and send them back to you.

So choose us!
* No admin fees
* No first month deposit
* No monthly rental – we charge you daily rental, so that you never worry if you overshot by a day or two!
* No need to worry about which size of room to choose (we will work that out for you!)
* No need to worry about packing, dismantling or protective wrapping (we can arrange all that for you)
* No need to worry about carton boxes (we will bring those for you)
*No need to worry about retrieving items in small batches.

Who needs this service?
* Home buyers who have yet to receive their new house keys and need short-term storage. We will move their items to storage and also to their new home, when it is ready.
* Those renovating their homes, and need to move their furniture out temporarily.
* Online businesses who have websites selling their products, but who have no office/warehouse to receive and store their goods. We can receive your containers at our loading bay, unstuff for you and place your items in our Storage Facility, and even deliver these goods to all your clients islandwide from our Warehouse.
* Businesses in expensive rental areas, who cannot spare space for storage of their client records, IRAS records, and need these to be securely stored, with an option for retrieval of any particular box of document, with just a phone call. This service is especially popular with clinics, law firms and shops in the CBD area.
* Lost a loved one, and need to store their items which have sentimental value? We have done many such jobs, and often we do the packing as family members find it too heart-breaking to do the packing and moving to Storage.
* Just about anyone who has even just a few boxes or luggages to store (students, housewives, maids, divorcees etc).

CALL us now at 1800MrMOVER or Call/SMS/Whatsapp us at 94593979. We will provide a storage solution for your problem.
T: 1800MrMover
F: 63342524
E: quote@MrMover.sg
M: 94593979 (Call/SMS/Whatsapp)

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