Are you an SME? Let us partner you!

Yes, every business always needs a Logistic partner.

Especially SMEs.

What do SMEs, online shops, and retail shops have in common?

A space crunch.

Some may not have a Warehouse or shop at all. Others may have a high end, expensive shop in town, far too costly to store goods in.

Here’s how we can help you.

You may, for example, be selling items online. You have a fancy and impressive website and a powerful sales team.  When it comes times for you to order a container of your goods (to sell online), then comes the Logistics headache many SMEs dread.

Let us take over from this point.

We will clear your containers at the port, truck them to our Warehouse, unstuff/unloading your goods (and also uncrate them, if they are crated), store them in our Warehouse and update you when all is done.

And when it comes time to deliver these goods, just email us the list. We will call your customers to fix deliver appointments, deliver the goods, and update you realtime via Google docs!

All this while, you are never leaving the comfort of your air-conditioned room (whether at home or in the office), you doing your marketing and sales online (what you really should be doing), and while we take care of your Warehousing and delivery needs.

Many shops in expensive rental areas like Marina Bay Sands, or in Orchard, also face a space crunch. By allowing us to be their Logistics partner, they free up space in their shops for displaying more goods (as their stocks are kept with us) and they can replenish their stocks with just a phone call or email, we will retrieve the items they request, update inventory, and deliver their order.

Feel free to speak to our experienced Project Coordinators. Arrange for a detailed (no-obligation) discussion, we really want to know your specific needs and wants. Each client is different, and we tailor each package according to what you need from us. And best of all, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, our affordable services leave you to run your business hassle-free (logistically!), and project a very professional image to your customers too.

Check out our stack racks too that will help you alleviate the space crunch.

Call our hotline at 1800-MrMover (1800-6766837) or SMS/Call/Whatsapp at +65 9459 3979. Or email us at quote@MrMover.sg.

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