Stack Racks – Most affordable Storage for Warehouses!

In space tight Singapore, everyone is trying to maximize their warehouse space. Traditional ways have always been to order racking systems. These are bulky, costly and immobile.

Introducing the stackrack. We are the Sole Agents of this product here, and they are easy to assemble, very strong and cheap. They are mobile, and can be kept aside when not needed.

See how they arrive at your doorstep below:

This is how easy to set up (and we will do it for you!):

You may use a stacker if your items are heavy, or simply a ladder, if they are light.

You may even stack to higher levels, like in our Warehouse, see below:

Our current stock has a stack internal dimensions of 120cm by 120cm by 205cm. They have a 1.5 tonne capacity, and can be stacked 3 high. You can even order stackracks that are specifically to your size. We will have it delivered and set up at your Warehouse (see below):

Come and see these amazing racks at our Warehouses in Yishun. Give us a call at 1800MrMover or 94593979 to arrange a viewing. Remember, our package includes delivery and set up, with no extra charges!
T: 1800MrMover
F: 63342524
E: quote@MrMover.sg
M: 94593979 (Call/SMS/Whatsapp)

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